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Upon hearing of the #BenderaPutih or the white flag campaign – through which those in need of financial and food assistance are raising white flags outside their homes – Vengdesparan said that they will be giving away a minimum of 100 meals every single day this month.

He also shared that his eatery won’t be asking any questions from anyone who comes to collect the meal packet.

“We run on a trust system here. If you can’t afford a meal, you can count on us. I’m not going to ask questions too. Just take your food and leave,” he told Free Malaysia Today.

“This is our community initiative, which we have been doing at a smaller scale for years. But due to COVID-19, we have ramped things up. Many need help.”

The meals consist of a serving of rice, fried chicken, fried fish, eggs, and other freshly made delicacies.

Vengdesparan also assured that they will not compromise on the quality of the food, using only grade-A eggs and fragrant rice.

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About the author : Payee Solutions

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