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According to Cyril Dason, a resident of Matang, Kuching, the blackout in his area lasted for about 20 minutes, during which the phones lines were also down.

The power supply and the phone lines are, however, back now, Cyril told this SAYS writer.

Another Kuching resident said that her area experienced the blackout for about 30 minutes, approximately 9:30pm to 10pm.

According to her, she noticed that the blackout was widespread when she went outside her car porch and could see the stars in the night sky.

“Kuching is better than the Klang Valley in terms of light pollution, but we rarely get to see them this clearly,” she added, while sharing the news about the blackout with us.

Meanwhile, a Bintulu resident shared that the blackout lasted for about 45 minutes.

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About the author : Payee Solutions

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