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Our diligent frontliners deserve the world. We definitely would not have survived this pandemic without their valiant efforts.

Recently, three Seremban medical workers walked for almost an hour carrying the casket of a Covid-19 victim when they arranged the burial of Orang Asli victims who succumbed to the virus in the Orang Asli Jeram Kedah Village, Lenggeng.

Mohd Adree, 37, said it was his first experience executing something like this throughout his years that he and his colleagues have handled the burials of those who died from Covid-19. They had to carry the casket throughout an uphill walk that almost came up to one kilometre, reported by BERNAMA.

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“Walking dressed in PPE with hilly paths made our journey difficult. In the hot weather, we also had to control our breathing to avoid getting too tired while carrying the coffin.

“We had to stop to rest for a while, before continuing our journey to the funeral home,” Mohd Adree told BERNAMA.

He also added that as a frontliner, it’s important to be physically and mentally flexible and prepared since they cannot anticipate how situations will be in managing someone’s remains during a burial.

As a medical officer who has managed the remains of Covid-19 individuals for over a year, he never considered it as a burden. Instead, Mohd Adree believes that this is a duty that needs to be executed responsibly.

These selfless heroes deserve nothing but the best! What do you think about this? Let us know in the comment section.


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