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Who knew that a sick stray kitty like Meimei could transform into a beautiful fluffy cat? The glow-up is immaculate!

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Nur Hamizah Had, a kind-hearted animal lover who hails from Kuching, Sarawak recently shared the before and after images of her beautiful, snow-white cat named Meimei that was once a sickly stray, on a Facebook group called Kelab Pencinta Kucing Malaysia.

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Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Nur Hamizah said she first found Meimei wandering outside of her home in May last year. She explained that Meimei was discovered in a terrible condition. She was wounded, infected, and smelled very bad. She said she decided to coax her into a cardboard box and brought her into their home.


Nur Hamizah then said that she brought the stray to a local vet in town around four to five times to treat her, and Meimei took about five months to fully recover. A year after receiving proper care, Nur Hamizah is now a proud owner of a beautiful and healthy-looking cat.

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Hamizah added that Meimei is still not used to having new people around and quickly runs away if she sees anyone she’s not familiar with. “So far Meimei is very comfortable with us, and always looks like she understands what we say to her. She’s very intelligent,” said Nur Hamizah when speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ.

Meimei now looks absolutely unrecognisable with a fabulous coat of snow-white fur. Nur Hamizah added that her 3-year-old feline is fed about three to five times a day and is now a very spoiled pet. She also makes sure that Meimei gets a bath once a week and has her fur brushed on a regular basis.

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The 30-year-old housewife is grateful for all the attention Meimei is getting at the moment, and assures that Meimei is a very happy cat now in a loving household.

This epic transformation definitely left us shook! What do you guys think about this? 


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