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One of the victims told SAYS, “I wasn’t even his student to begin with, I’ve seen him teaching other classes but had never really spoken to him in person. He approached me through Twitter and started to ask for more details regarding my tweets which were mostly related to my relationship and boys. Then, on Instagram, he would reply to my stories flirtatiously. Whenever I was in KL or Selangor, he would offer to meet up at his office or his place, offering to cook or buy me food.”

The following screenshots show the ex-student’s conversation with the lecturer on her birthday.

He offered to buy her a gift and said, “I’ll give you condoms. Practice safe sex for future use.”

The ex-student then laughed the question off.

He then said, “What brand do you want? Tell me. But it’ll be a waste, after one use you can’t use it anymore. So no. If lingerie, then I’ll have to see you in it first, then only I’ll give it to you.”

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About the author : Payee Solutions

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