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We all have pandemic phobia when we go out in public these days. Well, with rising daily Covid-19 numbers, who wouldn’t, right? However, one incident that happened in Singapore recently has taken pandemic phobia to a whole new level as an aunty was seen refusing to share an empty lift with a delivery man out to make his delivery runs.

Caught on camera, this aunty’s actions riled netizens with many slamming the aunty for assuming that she has an exclusive right to use the lift.



Shared by a Singaporean Facebook page named Singapore Incidents, the interaction allegedly took place at Block 506 along Hougang Avenue 8. When contacted, Singapore Incidents told WORLD OF BUZZ that the video was sent to the page by a contributor who is believed to be the delivery man himself. The time and date of the video showed that the incident was recorded at around 8.30am yesterday (23 July 2021.)

Recorded using a body-mounted camera, the video showed the delivery person trying to fulfill his delivery commitments before meeting the aunty who stopped him abruptly in his tracks.

“Wait for the next one.”

When the rider asked the lady why, the lady simply replied “Don’t share lift.”.


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After insisting that it was a ‘first come, first serve’ basis for her, she instructs the rider to release the lift button, and despite the delivery man’s insistence that he had delivery commitments to fulfill, the aunty remain adamant and continues to force him to take another lift.

Eventually giving up, the lady can be heard saying “It’s pandemic” as the lift door closes.

Netizens were left unimpressed.


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Commenting on the video, one netizen writes, “I understand some may be paranoid about lift sharing because of the small space.”

“However, we do not need to be RUDE. This is not about being better safe than sorry .”

“It’s more of a social behaviour kind of thing. If I’m not comfortable to share the lift, I’ll politely let others use the lift to go up first and wait for the next one.”

“I don’t make my problem everybody else’s problem.”

These comments have some truth to it.

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