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It’s challenging to stay on top of your finances – even more so when you’re dealing with the rising costs of living and the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, we wanted to know: how are you doing financially this year? To find out, we ran the Malaysian Financial Health Survey 2021 and heard from 2,139 Malaysians.

We found out that many Malaysians are doing their best to practise good financial habits. In fact, 88% are tracking their finances, while 86% are saving and/or investing every month. This is good to hear, considering that around three in four respondents said that they have been financially affected by the pandemic.

But the pandemic and high cost of living have made it hard for Malaysians to practise good financial habits, especially when it comes to saving for emergencies, financial protection, retirement readiness and legacy planning.

However, improving your financial protection could have positive effects on other areas of your financial well-being. Here’s where the AIA Financial Health Check comes in handy to help you identify your finance and protection gaps. Closing these gaps can support your efforts in building up your emergency and retirement savings as you won’t need to dip into these savings in the event of emergencies such as loss of income due to a serious illness. This, in turn, gives you the breathing space you need to start accumulating wealth as well.

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About the author : Payee Solutions

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