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Prime Minister Announces Roll-out Of Multi-Billion Lockdown Aid

In recognition of the issues plaguing Malaysians due to the ongoing lockdown, the government has announced a series of targeted aid to help Malaysians.

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin announced that in accordance with the needs of Malaysians who are adversely affected by the ongoing lockdown, the government is rolling out a series of aid worth RM150 billion under a package called ‘PAKEJ PERLINDUNGAN RAKYAT DAN PEMULIHAN EKONOMI’ (PEMULIH).

As part of this package, the government announced a continuation of the i-Sinar programme from EPF, called i-Citra. With i-Citra, EPF members will be allowed to withdraw a maximum of RM5000 from their EPF accounts, which will be deposited in their accounts in RM1000 installments monthly.

The Prime Minister also announced automatic approval for everyone who wishes to take part in the moratorium programme for individual bank loans. All you have to do is apply and choose between full deferment for three months, or 50% payment for six months. No documentation will be needed as the deferral will be approved automatically by the government.

Highlights of the PEMULIH package include;

  • Third phase of the Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat (BPR)
    • RM100-RM1400 to be given in September in accordance for those who already qualify for the BPR programme.
  • Bantuan Khas COVID-19 (BKC);  A new financial aid programme targeting the hardcore poor, B40, and the M40.
    • For the hardcore poor households, RM500 will be distributed in August, with another RM500 in November. A final RM300 will be distributed in December.
    • Hardcore poor individuals who are not married will receive RM200 in August, and RM300 in November.
    • B40 households will receive RM500 in August and RM300 in December.
    • B40 singles will receive RM250 in August.
    • M40 households will receive RM250, meanwhile M40 singles will receive RM100 in August.
  • Bantuan Kehilangan Pendapatan; targeting those who lost their source of income due to the lockdowns.
    • RM500 will be given to workers who qualify. Qualification will be determined using the SOCSO database.
  • Electricity bill discounts
    • Electrical bills discount ranging from 5-40% depending on electric usage per month.
  • Fourth phase for Geran Khas Prihatin (GKP)
    • RM500 to be paid in September and another RM500 in November for those who have already qualified under the GKP programme.
  • Financial assistance for sports facilities operators
    • One off payment of RM3000 to all affected operators of sports facilities such as gyms, futsal courts and others.
  • Moratorium Programmes
    • Three months targeted moratorium for PTPTN borrowers.
    • Six-month moratorium for all individual borrowers who only need to apply and sign to agree to the changes in the terms of their loan. Micro entrepreneurs are also eligible subject to the individual banks approval.
    • Opt-in deferments of Takaful and Insurance premiums extended until 31st December 2021.

The Prime Minister in his nationwide address said this latest aid package is part of an ongoing process by the government to help Malaysians weather the struggles caused by the ongoing lockdowns. In announcing the latest aid package, the prime minister also highlighted that the government had rolled out assistance and stimulus packages totalling RM380 billion since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

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