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Recently, a Facebook user who runs a small online business on Facebook selling clothes reached out to WORLD OF BUZZ to share a shocking incident that occurred to her when dealing with an online customer.

A 33-year-old named Lux exclusively told WORLD OF BUZZ that she decided to use Facebook Marketplace as a platform for marketing her last batch of mini skirts.

“The size of the last batch of mini skirts were for customers with a waist size of 26, which is difficult to sell off,” Lux explained.



The customer seemed “genuinely interested” to make a purchase

Upon posting pictures and the necessary details about the last stock of mini skirts, Lux got a message from a male customer who was interested to make a purchase.

The man first messaged her to ask if there is ready stock available, to which she replied “Yes, it’s available. 10 pieces of skirts, waist size 26.”

Skirt Convo 1 1

The man continued with the conversation, giving Lux the impression that he was genuinely interested. She patiently answered all his questions.

Skirt Convo 2 1

Skirt Convo 3 1


Sends a nude picture when asked for waist size

As the conversation progressed, the man said he wanted a waist size of 28, but Lux was only selling skirts for those with a waist size of 26.

Skirt Convo 4 1

She told him she only has size 26. To her surprise, the customer sent her an explicit picture of himself, with his private part censored and said:

“I have like this. So, when can I come?”

Skirt Convo 5 1

Lux realised what the man intended to do and sarcastically replied to him saying, “Wait, let me ask your friends and relatives on Facebook.”

The man then left the chat.

Lux told WORLD OF BUZZ that it was her first time encountering such a customer and it has left her feeling traumatised. She wishes to create awareness for other business owners using the Facebook Marketplace platform. Lux also hopes that individuals who have received nudes online from fellow strangers would have the courage to make a police report.

If you ever receive a nude picture from a stranger, please be sure to block the account and report the account to the application. You should then head to a nearby police station to make a report for harassment. 

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