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Malaysia has recorded 19,991 new COVID-19 cases today which brings the total number of infections to 1,299,767. There are 201 new deaths reported and the death toll is now 11,162.

The Ministry of Health has reported 16,258 new recoveries and a total of 1,057,843 patients have recovered and discharged so far. The recovery rate is now 81.39% while the mortality rate is now 0.86%.

There are currently 230,762 active cases remaining that are receiving treatment. 1,096 cases are in ICU while 570 require respiratory support.

All 19,991 new cases today are transmitted locally. Selangor tops the list with 7,338 cases, followed by Kuala Lumpur with 2,374 cases, Kedah with 1,830 cases, Sabah with 1,383 cases and Johor with 1,344 cases.

The Ministry of Health has identified 29 new clusters today and 17 are workplace related. Below is the breakdown of clusters by state:

Over 98% of total new cases reported today are classified as category 1 and 2 where infected individuals had little or no symptoms. Out of the 19,991 new cases today, 15,359 (76.83%) of them have not been vaccinated.


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About the author : Payee Solutions

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