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MEASAT Global Berhad (MEASAT) has announced that its MEASAT-3 satellite will be retired soon. This comes after a major outage that occurred starting 21st June 2021.

According to MEASAT’s statement, “Despite maintaining continuous telemetry and command control of MEASAT-3, further testing and recovery efforts found that the satellite could not re-enter service. The satellite will be de-orbited in the following weeks.”

Last month, MEASAT has successfully migrated MEASAT-3’s services to other MEASAT and third-party satellites that serve the region. The transponders were deactivated to prevent interference with other satellites. Besides MEASAT-3, the company also has MEASAT-3a and MEASAT-3b on the 91.5°E orbital slot.

MEASAT-3 is a Boeing 601 satellite that was launched in December 2006. The 15-year-old satellite along with MEASAT-3a were meant to be replaced with MEASAT-3d which is currently scheduled to launch in early 2022. MEASAT-3d uses the Airbus Eurostar E3000 satellite and it is expected to provide in-orbit satellite redundancy on the 91.5°E hotslot. Besides offering Direct-to-Home TV services, the new satellite can offer broadband connectivity up to 100Mbps and deliver 4K and 8K video content distribution.

MEASAT-3 currently at longitude 76.06°

The MCMC had earlier revealed that the satellite connectivity issue was caused by a thruster failure. Initially, services were restored after using backup thrusters, however, the satellite continues drifting westward. In mid-July, MEASAT-3 had drifted from 91.5° to 84.52°. Today, a satellite tracker revealed that it has drifted further to 76.06°.

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About the author : Payee Solutions

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